Seth Rogen had to mask cocktail stain on Grammys stage


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Seth Rogen had to hide his embarrassment at the Grammy Awards a decade ago after he was attacked by Beyonce's bodyguard.

The funnyman was backstage, enjoying a cocktail, before introducing a performance by Rihanna and Eminem when he spotted the Halo singer chatting to Gwyneth Paltrow and decided to say hello.

"I went over with far too much confidence… and as I was walking over her security guard's arm swung out like a bat and hit me so hard that I fell down and I spilled my Screwdriver all over myself," Seth told Good Morning America.

"At that moment a PA came up to me and said, 'We need you on stage… right now', and so I went out onstage with Screwdriver spilled all over me… and that is why I'm standing with my arms in a weird position, because my stomach is covered in a horrible vodka and orange juice stain."

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