Trey Songz accused of injuring woman in hit-and-run


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R&B star Trey Songz has a new legal issue on his hands after he was accused of injuring a woman during a hit-and-run incident.

The Bottoms Up hitmaker reportedly became embroiled in an argument with a female driver shortly after midnight on Thursday, and as the altercation escalated, Songz allegedly bumped his car into hers, prompting the woman to get out of her vehicle to confront him.

However, the singer is accused of speeding off, hitting her hand with his car in the process.

The alleged victim called the police over the altercation, which was registered as a hit-and-run.

The woman was not hospitalised as she declined medical attention, according to TMZ.

It's unclear where the clash took place, but the incident is now under investigation.

Representatives for Songz have yet to officially comment on the claims, but a source close to the star has denied any wrongdoing.

The news emerges days after Songz was slapped with a lawsuit, accusing him of punching a bartender at a Cardi B concert in Hollywood in 2019, a week after prosecutors in Missouri declined to pursue charges following an alleged fight with a police officer at an American football game in January.

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