Pink on Rag’n’Bone Man: ‘You are like a chain smoking teddy bear’


3 d Newsdesk Grammy award-winning superstar P!nk spoke to Fleur East as she celebrated her 500th show on Hits Radio Breakfast. They discussed P!nk’s latest single “All I Know So Far” and her documentary which will be released on 21st May. Please see below for some selected quotes from the chat.
On the release of her brand-new single ‘All I Know So Far’, out on 7th May, she said “It's always nerve wracking, but exciting, and I guess it's a little more pressure because it's the song of my life, I guess. I was put under zero pressure to try and encapsulate my life in three minutes. So, that's, kind of, what I did. I wrote a letter to Willow and put it to a melody and here it is.”
P!nk also spoke about her upcoming performance at The BRITS with Rag'n'Bone Man “Well, the last time I performed at the BRITs was my favourite thing I've ever done. And, I love Rory so much. I don't know if I'm allowed to call him that, Rag'n'Bone Man. I love him so much it's dumb, and I was so happy that he asked me to sing with him, and I would do anything he wanted. I love him to pieces, and I love our song. I love it.”
On her first impression of Rag’n’Bone Man “We played a show together in France, and I met him and I was, like, "You are like a chain smoking teddy bear." I just love him. I thought it was very brave of me to sing on a song with him because of his vocals. It was very brave of me.”
P!nk spoke about her kids as she balances her life as a music megastar, wife, mum of two and successful businesswoman “At home, no-one thinks I’m a big deal. Jameson is a charmer, he picks me a flower every single day! The other day I put on this dress to wear for dinner because I dress up at home now. He goes, ‘Come on now, what am I dreaming? You look so beautiful!’ And I was like, ‘Say it again for the people at the back!’”
On her kid’s reactions after the release of her documentary “Willow asked me the other day, she goes, "Am I rich?", and I said, "No, you're borderline homeless, but I am. I don't know, how much do you have in that little change purse of yours?" They're excited but Jameson doesn't know. He just thinks he's… he thinks everyone works for him, at this point. He thinks his pre-school teacher works for him. They're very funny. Those kids are very funny.” ,Original Article


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