Lil Nas X: ‘l live for taking on trolls’


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Lil Nas X has no qualms about clapping back at trolls if they antagonise him first.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, the Old Town Road star opened up about dealing with haters who take to social media to slam him.
And while he's become known for his often epic responses to trolls, Nas insisted he isn't usually the one to start a fight.
“I’m very much a chaotic, good person,” he said. “I almost never want to start shooting at somebody who didn’t bring it to my doorstep, you know? But I kind of live for when somebody tries to get me and I’m ready to throw it back at them tenfold.
"Do I feel bad about it sometimes? Every now and then, but I feel less bad knowing that I didn’t start it. I try to never throw stones, but if somebody throws one at me, I’m throwing an entire house.”
The Montero singer added that when he first started out in the music industry, he dealt with trolls by blocking them from his social media pages.
But he quickly realised the truth behind the old adage of all publicity being good publicity.
"Now it’s like, okay, cool. For me, I would rather somebody hate the s**t out of me when they’re talking about me rather than not say anything at all, because that’s giving more power to my name," he explained.

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