Justin Bieber hit with backlash after debuting dreadlocks on social media


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Justin Bieber has riled fans after debuting his new dreadlocks on social media.
The Peaches hitmaker showed off his latest hairstyle on Instagram over the weekend, but was hit with accusations of cultural appropriation from unimpressed fans.
"Justin Bieber got dreadlocks oml wtf (what the f**k). (sic)," wrote one user, while another penned: "Justin what the hell is up with your hair."
Others wrote on Twitter: "Justin bieber got dreadlocks again… i wonder how his fans are gonna spin this around (sic)."
Another comment read: "Justin sweetheart you have to understand that to support black people and the anti racism movement you have to be coherent to what you preach and that means not doing cultural appropriation ever dreadlocks do not look good on you @justinbieber (sic)."
Justin has not yet responded to the uproar and he hasn't let it stop him from sharing a number of snaps on his social media channels as he relaxed in the sun with his wife Hailey. He continued to post new photos of his hairstyle on Monday morning.
The Sorry singer was previously met with backlash and cultural appropriation accusations when he sported dreadlocks for the first time back in 2016.

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