Tom Jones: ‘Fans gave me the strength to carry on after wife Linda’s death’


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Tom Jones has reflected on the support he received from fans following the death of his wife Linda in 2016.
The Delilah star, who released new album Surrounded By Time on Friday, lost his partner following a cancer battle five years ago and, speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he credits his loyal supporters for standing by his side.
“At the first gig I played after Linda died, I really realised the crowd are there with you," he explained. “When I sing, I know the crowd are feeling my pain.
“The fans who love you, they pick you up and give you the strength to carry on.
“Linda is with me all the time and, every time I step on stage, Linda is there with me, laughing," added Tom. "They have helped, and the thought fans of Linda laughing gets me through too.”
The star is set to hit the road over the summer, included a stop at the Isle of Wight Festival in September – where he'll play immediately before headliner Liam Gallagher.
“I love finding new challenges at 80, and festivals are definitely a challenge for me," he said of the gig. “When I walk on at a festival, I count my chickens that people will like me.
“People at festivals are usually there to see the younger bands, and it’s a big kick for me, to think I can hold my own with the younger musicians.
“I admire Liam and Oasis – and if I can make some of his fans into Tom Jones fans too, that’s fantastic.”

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