Tom Grennan: ‘For my generation, Dizzee Rascal is a hero man’


3 d Newsdesk Tom Grennan joins The Rebecca Judd Show this week, and the pair discuss his love for Dizzee Rascal and his first time meeting him, his wishlist of collaborators, his love for Oasis as a baby and more.
Tom on his love for Dizzee Rascal and meeting him…
'For my generation, he's [Dizzee Rascal] a hero man and he always will be. He's a pioneer, you know? To be honest I don't really get too starstruck but I was definitely texting my mates under the table like "I'm on this show with Dizzee, this is mad!". It was good. Basically I was playing this show and I brought all my mates with me and I did a tune with Bugzy Malone. It was a sick show and I had all my boys with me and we were walking up the stairs and Dizzee Rascal was there with loads of people – Giggs was there, Frisco – all my heros. Dizzee stopped me in the corridor and all my mates were behind me and he was like "I know you from somewhere don't I?" and I was like "I don't know – do you?" and this was before the TV Thing, and he was like "I do, your name is Tom isn't it?" and I was like "yeah" and then I was buzzing! All my mates were in shock… we shut the door and then went "ahhh" just buzzing. It was so good.'
On what artist he would like to collaborate with the most…
'I would love to work with Lady Gaga. I think she would probably take the hook… she would make it a hit! She's a legend, I love her and her voice is just magical. I would love to work with Gaga and I would love to work with Benny Blanco as well.'
On his favourite 90s tune…
'For me it has to be "Don't Look Back in Anger" but Oasis. When I was born my mum and dad were working and my cousin from Ireland, his name is Declan, he would babysit me. I was the loudest cryer apparently and he would put on "Don't Look Back in Anger" and I would just stop crying. That was his way of getting me to shut up basically. Obviously I don't remember it but there's this weird thing in me that kind of does remember it. It's probably just because I've been told the story so much and I remember it. It still makes me feel so calm now.'
On what artist Tom could listen to for the rest of his life…
'Amy Winehouse. For me, she is the queen of England. She will always be the queen of England. The way she wrote her songs – the pain and the demons that she had and made them translate into making everybody feel happy is just amazing. If I had ever met her, we would have been pals. I feel like she'll always live on and be the queen of England. She's amazing and I love her.'
On his upbringing and family life…
'I've got a little brother who is a legend, he's wicked. He's five years younger than me so it was quite a big age gap when we were younger but now we're best mates which is sick – I love him to bits. My dad is the funniest man in the world. He's an old school Irish fella, he's a legend. He's just so funny! I just had a great upbringing with a lovely family. My dad and mum just worked their bums off to provide for us and be the best parents they could possibly be and they have been. I've taken loads of lessons from that.' ,Original Article


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