Justin Timberlake launches pipeline challenge on Earth Day


3 d Newsdesk Justin Timberlake marked Earth Day on Thursday by spearheading a campaign against a potential oil pipeline, which will run through his native Memphis, Tennessee.
The pop star and actor is taking a stand against the Byhalia Pipeline in a new informational video, posted on Instagram, which explains why the idea would be a bad one for the city.
Justin argues the proposed 50-mile pipeline will sit too close to a water source near the Mississippi River that supplies over a million local people, and therefore could put this groundwater at risk.
On his Instagram Story, the artist shared Dr Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.'s definition of "environmental racism", in which the African-American civil rights leader claims communities of colour are "disproportionately burdened with health hazards through policies and practices that force them to live in proximity to sources of toxic waste such as sewage works, mines, landfills, power stations, major roads and emitters of airborne particulate matter".
The pipeline will run through largely black neighbourhoods.
"Memphis is my hometown and I’ve always had a lot of pride in that," Justin captioned the video.
"But what most DON'T know about this city is that it sits on top of some of the world’s cleanest drinking water… But now that drinking water is at risk because oil companies are planning to build the #ByhaliaPipeline. This pipeline will run through predominantly Black, low-income neighborhoods. This cannot happen," he fumed.
He then urged: "Today, on #EarthDay, please consider what we are doing to the planet AND the people when we destroy sources of clean drinking water simply for the profit of two large companies." ,Original Article


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