Demi Lovato defends ‘California sober’ decision


3 d Newsdesk Demi Lovato is defending her decision to be "California sober" and asking others not to judge her for dabbling with weed.
The pop star, who suffered a heroin overdose and almost died in 2008, has been very candid about her recovery, even filming a docu-series about her relapse and come back, and she left some fans and followers more than a little concerned when she confessed she wasn't completely drug-free.
Demi has chosen to not be fully sober and will allow herself to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol in moderation.
"It's an alternate path to the recovery that I’ve been taught… the past 10 years of dealing with this stuff," the defiant Cool For the Summer singer told The Zach Sang Show.
"It’s not saying that this works for everybody, but it’s saying that that other solution isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and there’s options," she explained.
Noting: "I didn’t make up this term (California sober), right? I just heard it, and was like, 'Oh, that sounds green and applies to me'," Lovato observed: "But I think that different people have different meanings for it. So, it might be moderation to some people, it might be only natural things to some people."
She went on: "For me, I’ve decided that I’m probably never going to discuss the parameters surrounding my recovery and what that looks like. Because when I do get into details with people, it just kind of opens myself up for more scrutiny than I need. The only criticism I need is from my treatment team, and if what we’re doing right now is working for me, then I’m gonna keep it between me and them." ,Original Article


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