Macklemore’s golf clothing line brings design career ‘full circle’


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Hip-hop star Macklemore has brought his career full circle with the launch of his new golf clothing line after rocking old sporting outfits while he was at art school.
The Same Love rapper attended a summer course at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York when he was 17, and reveals he would always seek out vintage golf shirts to wear as fashion.
Now Macklemore is the proud owner of the recently-released Bogey Boys apparel brand, even though he never imagined he would become hooked on the sport during his youth.
"I would go out to the thrift shops and… get old golf outfits and call myself Professor Macklemore," he recalled on the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast, musing: "So here we are, full circle moment, and I'm making plaid pants…!"
Macklemore, who has a history of substance abuse, reveals he first picked up a golf club two years ago out of "peer pressure" from his pals while on vacation in Hawaii, and he quickly became a big fan.
"I'm obsessed with it! My addiction has completely transferred to this random sport I would've never thought that I would ever end up playing…!" he laughed.
Recalling his first time on the green, he said: "I hit a bunch of houses and then finally hit a good golf ball out of a sand trap, and was just like, 'Oh, my God, what was that?' It's this dopamine hit of like, 'I need to do that again…'"
Macklemore eventually went shopping for some golf gear, but discovered much of the clothing on sale nowadays was far from the fashionable duds he had sought out when he was younger.
"I got completely into it (golf), and shortly after realised that the golf clothing world is pretty boring, to say the least…! We could do better in terms of outfits," he shared as he explained how his collection came about.
"I've always wanted to do something on the apparel side," he continued, adding: "I'm tired of like, just slapping Macklemore on a T-shirt, that doesn't really fulfill the creative aspirations in terms of design. I got a team together… and it turned into Bogey Boys."

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