DMX’s manager dismisses death reports after friend posts rapper is ‘gone’


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DMX's manager has dismissed rumours that the rapper has died, after one of his friends mistakenly posted that he's "gone".

Comedian Luenell caused a furore on Twitter on Thursday night when she tweeted: “It is over. My friend is gone. Soar w/ the (doves emoji). Join the best that ever did it. RIP…DMX." The post was later deleted.

“RIP DMX” and “Rest in Power DMX” quickly started trending, and led to DMX's manager Steve Rifkind taking to his Instagram to set the record straight.

In a video message, Rifkind said: "Please stop posting these rumours, DMX is still alive. Yes, he is still on life support but it is not helping anybody by seeing these false rumours.”

He also said that DMX's family are planning to release a statement "sometime" on Friday.

His video came as it was reported that the results of the brain function tests performed on the rapper, who suffered a heart attack following a reported drug overdose, were "not good". added that the musician's mother Arnett Simmons is gearing up to make a difficult choice of potentially taking her son, who is said to be in a "vegetative state", off of life support.

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