Dr. Dre accuses ex of concocting abuse claims to secure divorce windfall


4 d Newsdesk Hip-hop hitmaker Dr. Dre has slammed his estranged wife's allegations of domestic abuse as "appalling", insisting the accusations were made up to land her a bigger divorce settlement.
The Forgot About Dre star has been locked in a war of words with Nicole Young since last June when she filed papers to end their 24-year marriage.
She subsequently claimed she had been "forced" into signing their pre-nuptial agreement, and alleged Dre had been abusive towards her before becoming husband and wife, as well as on the night of their 1996 wedding.
Dre has previously vehemently denied the accusations, and in new legal papers, obtained by TMZ, he questions the timing of Nicole's domestic violence statements, suggesting she only came forward with the claims after realising the prenup severely limited the amount of his fortune, to which she would be entitled.
The rapper, who suffered a brain aneurysm in January, also insists the whole split drama has caused him immense stress as he seeks to have the prenup enforced.
The news emerges weeks after Dre requested he be granted legal single status so he can move on from the bitter divorce battle before a financial settlement is reached, a process known as a bifurcation.
A decision on his motion has yet to be announced.Original Article


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