Ronan Keating’s wife Storm rushed into surgery following ‘most frightening week of her life’


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Ronan Keating's wife Storm was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery on her spine after being diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome.

In a candid Instagram post, the mum-of-two revealed she was initially taken to hospital for a prolapsed disc, for which doctors said she would need "surgical intervention".

However, the situation quickly escalated and the doctor who was treating Storm realised she was suffering from Cauda Equina Syndrome – a severe type of spinal stenosis which causes compression in the lower nerves.

The illness can lead to loss of sensation, incontinence and paralysis if not treated immediately, with Storm calling the incident "the most frightening week of my life".

"It’s been a long and trialling week," she shared. "But I feel so utterly grateful to Dr Syed Aftab and all the amazing specialists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and aids at #CromwellHospital who have assisted me through this."

Storm required emergency surgery and has been unable to see her loved ones due to Covid-19 restrictions, but she's remaining positive as she focuses on her recovery.

"There are no words that will ever come close to describing my gratitude to you Syed, thank you. And to Georgia and all the wonderful nurses and healthcare assistants who wiped my tears, comforted my fears, cleaned me up and allowed me to keep my dignity in moments where I thought I would lose it… you are amazing human beings to do what you do, thank you."

Storm finished her post: "Finally I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes this last week, they filled me with strength and courage. I hope that by sharing my story, it’s a small reminder for everyone to take care of your back!

"Many of us take our spine for granted and often our health too… but sometimes the unexpected can throw a real curve ball (sic) if you’re not paying attention or if you’re ignoring your body."

Storm and Boyzone star Ronan tied the knot in Scotland in 2015 and announced a year later they were expecting their first child, son Cooper. Ronan also has three children – Jack, 21, and daughters Missy, 19, and Ali, 15 – with his ex-wife, Yvonne Connolly.

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