Paloma Faith ‘contemplated suicide’ after travelling to Australia left her jetlagged


2 d Newsdesk Paloma Faith battled suicidal feelings after jetlag left her feeling "mentally unstable" when she flew to Australia in 2009.
The new mother-of-two opens up about her mental health struggles in her new documentary, Paloma Faith: As I Am, revealing that things got so bad when she travelled 10,500 miles to Sydney that she tried to "unbolt the window" of her hotel room.
"I’ve had really bad experiences coming to Australia," Paloma explains in the film, which airs in the U.K. on 27 March. "The first time I ever experienced jet lag, I got a bit disoriented and mentally unstable and had to cancel the tour. I contemplated suicide."
Paloma returned to Australia in 2015 but ended up in hospital with exhaustion, tweeting at the time: "I don’t think all the flying is very good for the body."
The Picking Up the Pieces singer also opens up in the documentary about her relationship with her estranged father Ramon, with whom she cut contact over a decade ago.
"What I remember as a kid was my father never thinking anything I did was good enough," she explained. "Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen into this job — to get the validation of the public I craved from him."Original Article


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