Halsey thankful for fan support after adopting ‘she/they’ pronouns


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Halsey's social media profiles have quietly been updated to reflect the pregnant singer's decision to adopt the pronouns "she" and "they".

Eagle-eyed fans of the Bad at Love hitmaker noticed the online change on Saturday, when Halsey added, "(she/they)," to the bio lines.

The star's social media pages were quickly flooded with messages of support and they became a trending topic on Twitter, with one follower writing, "I could cry I'm so happy," as another posted, "no like actually this means so f**king much to me because I've been struggling w (with) my gender identity so much lately (sic)."

On Saturday afternoon, Halsey appeared to express gratitude for the well wishes.

In a post on their Instagram Story timeline, the pop star simply wrote, "thank you," alongside a red heart emoji.

Halsey confirmed they were bisexual in 2015, and the star is currently expecting a baby with their new boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin.

The 26-year-old singer recently opened up about their pregnancy on Twitter, explaining it has "leveled (their) perception of gender entirely".

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