KSI has teamed up with Yungblud and Polo G for his new single ‘Patience’


3 d Newsdesk The YouTuber-turned-musician has suggested that the new track might resonate with plenty of people amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.
KSI – whose UK tour has been rescheduled for October – explained: "With the energy of Yungblud and the style of Polo G, I bring to you another banger for people to enjoy.
"The song is called 'Patience' and it’s very fitting for everything we are going through right now and what we’ve all been experiencing collectively during this lockdown.
"I’m so incredibly proud to have Yungblud and Polo G on this record with me. I knew that I wanted to collaborate with Yungblud when I watched him perform for the first time at last year’s NME Awards. Together with Polo G, we’ve created an absolute smash and cannot wait until we’re able to perform it live together on stage, it’s going to be special"
Yungblud, 23, also relished the experience of working with KSI, who rose to prominence on YouTube before he turned his attention towards music.
He said: "KSI is an artist who came into music from a non-traditional route. Something I relate to a lot!
"He had something to say when no one would listen, and he ended up speaking and connecting to millions of people and they spoke back. That ideology is exactly what Yungblud is about.
"Of course, we were going to work together in some shape or form. He has become a really close friend of mine and my favourite thing in the world is to make music with my friends. Having Polo on it is an absolute honour, he’s a true f****** punk, his individuality shines and I am a massive fan.
"This song is about needing time to process what is going on around you, about needing a second to just exist and be. You don’t have to know what’s next, just try and be present every day. I think this is a message we can all relate to right now." ,Original Article


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