Demi Lovato learning to balance weed and alcohol use


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Demi Lovato is learning the art of balance as she continues to dabble with marijuana and alcohol following her near-fatal drug overdose, because she wasn't comfortable with the "all-or-nothing" approach to sobriety.

The singer almost died in 2018 when she suffered a relapse and had to endure a lengthy hospital and rehab stay, and while she has quit the opiates which caused her health emergency, she refuses to force herself to abide by a completely clean lifestyle.

Instead, the Heart Attack hitmaker, who had been sober for six years before her setback, has allowed herself to use weed and booze in moderation – and she's grateful to have the opportunity to figure out the best path for her going forward.

"I called (my recovery case manager, Charles Cook) and was like, 'Something's not right. I'm living one side of my life completely legalising and this other side following a programme that's telling me if I slip up, I'm going to die (sic),'" Demi recalled to Glamour magazine.

Demi, who used the balanced approach to tackle her previous eating disorders, told Cook: "I think I want to try this balance thing in the substance side of my life too."

Although her management representatives were concerned by her decision, they agreed to give her the benefit of the doubt.

She shared: "They were like, 'She deserves this opportunity to make that choice for herself.' So I did."

However, Demi is well aware her recovery journey isn't the typical path to a healthy lifestyle.

"A one-size-fits-all solution does not work for everybody," she reasoned, adding: "What I'm encouraging people to do is just make choices for themselves. Autonomy, for me, is what changed my life."

The pop star is expected to share further details about the months leading up to her headline-grabbing overdose and her recovery in her upcoming YouTube documentary, Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil, when it premieres on 23 March.

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