Zara Larsson determined to release a new album in 2022


2 d Newsdesk The 23-year-old star released 'Poster Girl' – her first album since 2017 – earlier this month, and she's now insisted she won't wait as long to make another record.
She shared: "It is so easy to look back and think, ‘Why didn’t I release an album every year?’
"But I didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t think it made sense. I am happy and very proud."
The 'Lush Life' hitmaker now hopes to release a new album next year and another in 2023.
Speaking about her ambitions, Zara told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I want to release an album next year and the year after that."
Earlier this month, Zara admitted her career has lost "momentum".
The pop star likened releasing her new album to starting her career again.
She explained: "That momentum is not there. I’m not Rihanna. People won’t wait like that in the pop world. The pop world moves fast. So I’m starting over in a way.
"I’m like, ‘Hey guys, what’s up? I’m alive.'"
Zara thinks the music industry has changed over recent years and she suggested that being relatable often comes at a price for pop stars.
She said: "These days, people don’t listen to your music because they feel like you’re an unreachable superstar, they do it because they feel like they’re almost supporting a friend.
"But Beyonce, who is my biggest idol, I don’t want her to be a real person. It’s weird. I want to keep her on this pedestal and I want to keep her ‘Godified’ – make her bigger than a person, because she’s influenced so much of my life that she’s almost like this mythical creature.
"And by being so accessible, it does take away the huge stardom that people used to have, where the only time they could see them was literally if they went to their concerts." ,Original Article


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