Chloe and Halle Bailey are ‘so similar’ but also ‘so different’


3 d Newsdesk The R&B duo – who together form Chloe X Halle – have created separate social media accounts to ensure fans can see their individual personalities, and they think it's important to show their true selves to the world.
Chloe, 22 – who previously performed alongside her sister at the Super Bowl – explained on 'The Breakfast Club': "What I really appreciate with Halle and I is even when we are together constantly, we never try to have each other compromised.
"We are both so alike and so similar, but we’re also so different … And how we are as individuals shine through with our group and people are getting to know us more individually as well."
Chloe X Halle previously heaped praise on their mentor Beyonce, revealing she's taught them to never "dim their light".
The duo have toured with the award-winning star and have admitted to being inspired by her success in the music business.
They explained: "It’s a hard, hard journey to be in front of everyone, and have to be OK with them saying all these things about you.
"One little thing that you do can be over-analysed by everyone. You have to be strong and not let that get to you. Watching Beyonce do all of those things, rise above all of the madness and just be her talent, is so inspiring.
"She has taught us that it’s OK to be yourself. You could be that wholeheartedly and completely. You don’t have to dim your light. Shine. Be yourself. Be free with it. Stand strong in that power. Because she has done that, she has made us believe that we could do that." ,Original Article


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