Cardi B angry at unauthorised E! Hollywood Story


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Cardi B has called out TV network bosses at E! for turning her rise to stardom into the subject of an E! True Hollywood Story episode.

The life of the artist is to be featured on the premiere episode of the return of E!’s True Hollywood Story next week, and the WAP hitmaker is annoyed she didn't have a say in how her story will be presented onscreen, making her disdain clear in a pair of Twitter posts on Monday.

"I love E! And I always been grateful for all the love but I did not approve of the E Hollywood story," she wrote.

"My life is my story.How can someone tell my story without asking me (sic)?" the rapper demanded.

Cardi admitted she hasn't been given a sneak peek at the show, but she plans to one day chronicle her own success story, from her upbringing in the Bronx, New York to her life as a stripper, to cementing her status as one of hip-hop's top artists.

She added: "But hey maybe the story will be good IDK (I don't know)… I mean I haven't seen it .However I would love to tell my story myself when I'm ready.I been thru & been influenced by a lot of bad s**t since a teenager That when I'm ready I will like to talk about (sic)."

Cardi's rise to fame will kick off the new season of the rebooted True Hollywood Story series on 15 March.

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