Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill slams ‘idiot’ climate change deniers


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Kings of Leon star Caleb Followill has slammed "idiot" climate change deniers.

The group has always tried to keep their political beliefs silent, but made the decision to come forward with a message about climate change and the U.S. wildfires in their new track Claire And Eddie, which features on their album When You See Yourself.

And asked why he'd decided to make such a bold statement in the tune, Caleb told the Press Association that he felt comfortable penning a tune about something so "universal".

"I think that is a pretty universal thing," he mused. "I know there is a bunch of idiots out there that don’t believe that we have been damaging our homes for a long time. I guess that is their opinion but when it comes to stuff like that, I think everyone should agree that there are things that can be done and they are not easy.

“Once again, it is not an overnight thing even though the quicker we do it the better it is. That was something I felt like, anyone who fights me on that, they can f**k off. That is something I feel I can be slightly political about and stand my ground.”

As for why he's been so reluctant to talk politics in the past, Caleb said getting older has changed his perspective.

"The older we get, things affect us differently and people can get a little more riled up than others about certain situations, but we all know that that is not our job, that is not what we consider to be our job," he explained.

"I know a lot of people think that when you have a microphone you should take advantage of that opportunity to speak truths. But like I say, my truths may not be your truths."

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