The Kooks: ‘The way we dressed was genuinely a challenge to our own personal safety at times!’


2 d Newsdesk The ninth episode of My Classic Album featured an exclusive interview with British indie-pop heroes The Kooks on their shimmering quadruple platinum debut album 'Inside In/Inside Out'. Hosted by radio presenter and journalist Tina Edwards, the episode is Luke Pritchard and Hugh Harris embark on a personal exploration of the whirlwind of being catapulted to fame as a teenager, at a time when major labels were trying to snap up guitar bands left right and centre and the 'musical conversation' happening between the UK and USA.
Reminiscing on handing their demo CD to the local pub landlord to leaving school, touring with The Thrills and being signed 'far too quickly', the band found themselves with teamed up legendary producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, The Thrills, M83) – who managed to harness and capture their wild live energy with "How do you give a band 'a sound' that within the same song play ska, indie and all at once!"
Looking back on the record as an adult, Luke ruminates on how the sees the in new 'emo perspective and recognises influences like The Smith that weren't obvious at the time "in the lyrics and in my vocal takes, there's a lot of teen's a lot of growing pains and I would never have put us in an 'emo category at the time and I think that's cool – I'm really happy about that"
Hugh adds"As a teenager or a young person, putting your heart and soul on the line, stepping out and being's terrifying to be exposing yourself in that way". As well as looking back on the 'time capsule' that was the indie explosion of around 2006, being maligned in the press and giving the 'something to prove' to the extent where "the way we dressed was genuinely a challenge to our own personal safety at times!".
As the album which kicked off The Kooks 15 year career and with an enduring legacy of six smash hit singles, 'Inside In/Inside Out' has stood the test of time as a classic album fay beyond its contemporaries – from one of Britain's indie music explosion. In Luke's words "make yourself a white russian, put on a straw hat, play it freaking loud!".
My Classic Album is the new artist interview series from world renowned listening concept Classic Album Sundays, which is celebrating 10 years of hi-fidelity, immersive album experiences. Funded by Arts Council England, the Sunday weekly show features an inspiring line-up of revered and cutting-edge guests including Kae Tempest, Moses Boyd, Gary Crosby OBE, Black Midi, Nitin Sawhney, Ego Ella May, Steven Wilson with more to be announced.
The following episode will feature Turner Prize winning multimedia artist Mark Leckey, who will do a deep-dive on Jesus Christ Superstar.Original Article


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