Celeste says ‘falling in love’ has made her music more ‘triumphant’


2 d Newsdesk The 'Stop This Flame' hitmaker has explained how there is "more warmth and sincerity" to some of her songs, as a result of being head-over-heels for model beau, Sonny Hall.
Celeste – who released her debut studio album, 'Not Your Muse', last month – told Wonderland magazine: “Something that I experienced this year properly was falling in love.
“So there is more warmth and sincerity to my approach to certain songs as opposed to how I would’ve treated them before which was a bit more sombre and guarded.
“Now it’s like big horns and make it triumphant! There are songs that have come to fruition because emotionally something has occurred in me and I’ve evolved in a way where now I’m clearer on what I feel.”
The 26-year-old singer also admitted that surrounding herself with her band and friends has kept her grounded and reminded her why she loves making music so much.
She added: “Surrounding myself with my band and people who were there only to make good music, it brought me back in touch with why I love making music, without all the outside pressure I was initially naïve to growing up, starting out in the industry.”
The BRIT Award-winner embarked on a relationship with Sonny before the UK went into lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic and recently described the album as her documenting "coming into womanhood".
She explained: “I think only now, in the last year or so, have I experienced what I can understand as real love.
“All the things I’ve written up until then were confused in a way.
“There’s a lot of love and romance on the album and it’s a picture of me evolving as a person.
“I’m not completely grown up yet, but I guess I would like to describe it as like coming into womanhood.
“I think it’s only in the last two years that I’ve sort of stopped feeling like I’m 21.” ,Original Article


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