Robin Thicke was ‘chasing’ fame and success in the early years of his career


3 d Newsdesk The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker has admitted to "losing" himself in the process of seeking fame and that, ultimately, it left him feeling a bit empty.
He explained: "I started to chase it more and need it more and think that that was what was going to make me happy.
"Ultimately, of course, it never does. It didn't. I lost myself in the process chasing something that I never had and never needed, but then once I got some of it, I thought I needed it."
Robin – who has Julian, 10, with ex-wife Paula Patton, and Mia, two, and 23-month-old Lola with April Love Geary – thinks his life has become more fulfilled since he decided to "slow down".
The singer told Zane Lowe on Apple Music: "For me, it wasn't until I actually went to Malibu, slowed down, focused on my son, and then my father passed and I focused on having more kids and more of a family and taking my time with the writing, because I was writing so much, but nothing was really saying anything that mattered to me as a whole, as a whole.
"Bits and pieces. Then I just kind of started to realise that I always wanted to be an artist's artist, a singer-songwriter, and all I cared about was my catalogue, was the songs. Then I got into all this other stuff that you just get caught up in, man.
"Then I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy. I had bad routines, and I lost myself."
Robin even admitted to losing faith in himself as a musician.
He shared: "Then, even worse, I lost the music. I lost my trust and my confidence in my own music." ,Original Article


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