KSI doesn’t need ‘anymore money’ after reaching ‘peak happiness’ with his bank balance


3 d Newsdesk The 27-year-old chart-topper made his debut on the Heat Rich List last year, with estimated earnings of $12 million over 12 months.
And the YouTuber-turned-rapper – who released his debut album 'Dissimulation' in 2020 – has insisted he would much rather donate his riches to charity than splash the cash on himself and does what he can to help those in need.
The 'Really Love’ hitmaker told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "I have reached peak happiness with the money I have. I don't need anymore, so I am just trying to do what I can, help who I can, support charities and have a good time man."
KSI is set to embark on a 2021 tour in May and teased he will splurge a large chunk of his cash on an epic production.
He continued: "I would spend all that money I have been making and put it on production – it will be stupid, it will be ridiculous, it will be huge."
The Sidemen co-founder also hinted that he may take a break or quit music and YouTube when he settles down and starts a family.
He added: "There isn't really an end goal, I don't know how long I will be in the music industry or doing the whole YouTube thing.
"When I want to settle down and have a kid and a family, I want to make sure I put all my focus on them. I have always wanted a family.
"It's so weird and scary as so much has happened in the past five years of my life, so I don't know what's going to happen.”
However, the ‘Don’t Play’ hitmaker has vowed to live it up before he steps back.
He added: “I want to enjoy everything before I calm down.” ,Original Article


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