T.I.’s reality show shut down amid abuse scandal


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Production on rapper and actor T.I.'s reality TV hit has been put on hold amid a sexual abuse investigation.

T.I. and his wife, Tameka 'Tiny' Harris, who star in T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, have denied "appalling allegations" of abuse and trafficking, threatening possible legal action against the accuser, but VH-1 bosses aren't waiting for a legal decision before shutting down the set.

The show was in the middle of its fourth season when the cameras stopped rolling this week.

"We are aware of the allegations, and while they are not connected to our show, we have reached out to T.I. and Tameka Harris, as well as local and state officials," an MTV Entertainment spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline.

"Given the serious nature of the allegations, we have decided to suspend production in order to gather more information."

Last month, Sabrina Peterson took to Instagram to claim that the rapper had put a gun to her head during an altercation, prompting T.I.'s wife to jump to his defence.

Since then, more women have come out to accuse the rapper and his wife of confiscating their phones and preventing from leaving as the couple sexually assaulted them at their home.

Peterson has stated that more women have reached out to her to share stories of their own experiences, and the couple were forced to issue a statement denying the claims.

“They emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them,” it read.

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