Ice Cube planning culture chat with President Joe Biden


2 d Newsdesk Rapper and actor Ice Cube has set up a meeting with President Joe Biden to discuss the new leader's policies regarding Black people in America.
The It Was a Good Day hitmaker sparked controversy last year after meeting with Donald Trump to chat about diversity and inclusion issues following the summer's Black Lives Matter protests, and now he's planning to return to the White House for a summit with Biden.
In an interview with Ryan Cameron's Uncensored radio show on MAJIC 107.9, Ice Cube revealed he wants to talk to the newly-elected President about his 2020 election topic, the Contract With Black America, and revealed the Biden administration reached out to him on Tuesday to arrange a sit down.
He disclosed a possible meeting could be in the works for sometime later this month.
"We haven't talked yet," he said. "We're just starting to figure out when we can have this meeting and how we're gonna have it. I believe it'll go down sometime this month."Original Article


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