Post Malone is convinced run of bad luck stems from Dybbuk box encounter


2 d Newsdesk Post Malone fears he's cursed after touching the world's most haunted object.
The rapper has experienced a run of bad luck ever since appearing on TV show Ghost Adventures in 2018, when he visited Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.
Bagans touched a Dybbuk box, which many believe contains powerful evil spirits, while the Circles hitmaker was touching his shoulder, and Post Malone is convinced he has been dogged by bad luck ever since.
Two months after filming the show, Malone was involved in an emergency landing when his private jet's wheels were damaged in-flight and, a month later, he almost lost his life in a high-speed car crash. He was also the target of a home invasion.
"After we opened up this creepy Dybbuk box, I got in a car accident, I almost had a plane wreck, my house got broken into – all that type of stuff," he told Late Night With Seth Meyers.
"Within a month's time. It was really, really odd stuff," he went on.
The rapper added he had “always had an interest in” unexplained phenomena, revealing to Meyers that he also thought he had seen a UFO before.
“Here in Utah, things are creepy if you look up into the sky,” he explained, sharing: “sometimes I just go out at like 4am with night vision goggles and just look up at the sky and see if we can see anything.”Original Article


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