KSI: ‘Before KSI, I was a nerd, a loser, no-one cared about me, I got no girls’


3 d Newsdesk King of the internet and rapper KSI speaks to BBC Asian Network’s Yasser tonight from 6pm, about working with Anne-Marie on their new Top 10 single ‘Don’t Play’ and the very real heartbreak that inspired the song.
KSI on Anne-Marie
KSI: “Bro, she did bits in the music video, she was full of energy. She had so much to do bro. All I did, was just like look at her every now and then, did a few rapping here and there. It was very chill for me, it was a very easy day for me. She had to do all of the work, it was crazy! And I’m out here just taking some of the credit. It is what it is.”
KSI on Heartbreak
Yasser: “I was looking at your lyrics in the song as well, KSI be honest, who broke your heart bro?”
KSI: “I ain’t gonna say bro!”
Yasser: “Is it a real person?”
KSI: “Of course!”
Yasser: “How is someone airing KSI? You own the internet!?”
KSI: “This was before I was KSI. Before KSI, I was a nerd, a loser, no-one cared about me, I got no girls.”
Yasser: “How many subscribers did you hit before you started getting the attention?”
KSI: “Even when I hit like a million subscribers, people still thought it was weird what I was doing. I was commentating over FIFA game play. It was like, what? Why are people watching you? It just makes no sense. Now, you know, obviously, your boy is KSI! If I want girls, I can get girls!”
Hear KSI’s full chat on BBC Asian Network tonight from 6pm or catch up on BBC Sounds. ,Original Article


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