Charli XCX remembers ‘amazing’ SOPHIE in heartfelt tribute


3 d Newsdesk Charli XCX has offered up a heartbreaking tribute to her frequent collaborator SOPHIE.
The Grammy-nominated experimental pop star, also known as Sophie Xeon, passed away following an accident in Athens, Greece, on Saturday, and Charli paid tribute to her pal on social media on Tuesday, calling the 34-year-old "such an amazing person who completely changed my life".
"There are so many memories, so many small details, so many different views and incredible feelings and stories," Charli wrote. "It's impossible to summarize the journey I went on with Sophie.
"Even the most insignificant things felt enormous. I can't explain how I feel and I can't encapsulate what a unique person she was in one small social media post. I will honor Sophie in my own time personally, in my grief, through my memories, through my work, through writing things only I will read.
"She taught me so much about myself without ever realizing. I wish I had told her more how special she was, not just her music, but her as a person. I love you and I will never forget you Sophie."
A senior Athens police official recently confirmed to MailOnline that the Scottish musician fell from the rooftop of a three-storey building while trying to take a picture of the full moon.
SOPHIE produced Charli's 2016 EP Vroom Vroom, among other projects. ,Original Article


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