Paris Jackson teams with man behind the soundtrack of her troubled youth


3 d Newsdesk Paris Jackson has teamed up with the guy whose music helped her deal with the most difficult times of her life.
The singer has released new track Eyelids, a collaboration with Manchester Orchestra leader Andy Hull, and admits it was very special hearing him sing her lyrics.
"Manchester Orchestra was the soundtrack to the most vital time in my life in regards to mourning and becoming who I am today," she opened up to "His voice has guided me through some of the roughest times, where I really had to lean into healthy coping skills, and to hear (him) singing lyrics from my heart was one of the coolest things in the world.
"I remember just being so blown away that I physically leaned back in my chair and was gripping the armrest."
Hull also co-produced Paris' debut album, Wilted, which was released late last year.
The 22-year-old recently shared her fears of being compared to her dad, King of Pop Michael Jackson.
“Well, besides the obvious – fearing being compared to my dad – I don’t know,” Paris told NPR about possible comparisons. “I just – music has always been such a huge part of my life, and it’s always been the air I breathe. Most of my musician friends still love making music, but a handful of musician friends kind of started to see it as a job. I always felt that if I ever saw it as a job, I would start to resent it. And if I don’t have music, I don’t really feel like I have much. So that was a big fear to accept music as my fate.”Original Article


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