Gary Barlow: ‘Our industry’s had a battering’


3 d Newsdesk Magic Radio had the pleasure of celebrating Gary Barlow’s 50th birthday with him this week. He chatted to Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott as well as Emma B on his big plans to celebrate his birthday next year at the London Palladium and revealed he is self-confessed “high maintenance”.
Gary admitted to Magic that he can be high maintenance “I like fuss. I like a lot of fuss. Do you know what? I am. I don't mind saying it. I'm high maintenance. I want the fuss. Come on, bring it on.”
He revealed his plans to celebrate his 50th big next year with a gig at the London Palladium “It's 50 today but I'm actually postponing it to next year. I'm gonna do a big gig on this day next year. I'm gonna do what I originally had planned and I've booked the London Palladium. I'm gonna do a gig.”
He discussed his plans for going on tour in 2021 “I mean we've already moved the tour back from June to November and I do think; I don't know what you think, but I, I think we're gonna be alright for then. So, I'm looking forward to it. I wanna fill the stage with musicians. You know, our industry's had a battering, so as many people as I can get on that stage and give work to…I'm gonna try and have an orchestra on stage. You know, it is music played by humans and I want as many humans as possible up there.”
He spoke to Emma B about dinner with Gianni Versace in the 90s “We did a photo shoot for Gianni Versace for L'uomo Vogue for Italian Vogue. And after the shoot he invited us to his house and gave us all dinner and he gave us all the clothes from the shoot… He was the loveliest man. He was very softly spoken and yeah, we went round his house for dinner and it was amazing. On Lake Como… I mean he was a real sweetheart, he was. And we feel, you know, privileged to have met people like that really. Now, looking back.”
Emma and Gary reminisced about Take That’s comeback “I've known those guys longer than I've known my wife…reunions and come backs are just something that happen now, but it didn't really happen before that. You know, bands would come back but we, when we came back, we couldn't believe it either. It was bigger than it was the first time which is just unheard of. So, it did feel very exciting and very special.”
He revealed a strong disliking for Mr Blobby after he beat Take That to number 1 “There's very few things I hate, especially people, but that Blobby, I hate him. He's ridiculous. He doesn't do anything. Kids don't like him. He scares people. He's horrible. I hate him. And he robbed us. He robbed us.
…”we were that last week before Christmas 1993, we were neck and neck, I swear. There was tens of records in it. And then Blobby went to 10 Downing Street and he was on the cover of every newspaper. We couldn't believe it. And of course he just strided ahead then and got Christmas number one. It was the worst Christmas I've ever had. He ruined my Christmas.” ,Original Article


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