Stevie Wonder calls on Joe Biden to investigate inequality in America


3 d Newsdesk Stevie Wonder marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday by calling on the incoming President, Joe Biden, to launch a commission on inequality.
The soul veteran posted a video online and told fans he was using the holiday to call on the Biden administration to help America move forward by tackling diversity issues.
Stevie, who met King as a teenager, said meeting his "true hero" inspired him to "push the needle of love and inequality forward" through his music.
"It is painful to know that needle has not moved one iota," Wonder said. "You would not believe the lack of progress. It makes me physically sick. I am sick that truth is struggling to be heard and defended. Those who promote lies and false truth must be held accountable. It is the only way we can move forward," he fumed.
Calling on Biden to launch a truth commission on inequality, Wonder added: "Without truth, we cannot have accountability. Without accountability, we cannot have forgiveness. Without forgiveness, we cannot heal."
He then vowed to King: "On this day, a day in your honour, I pledge to have the courage to say what I see and acknowledge what I hear. In your spirit, I call on all those in the Senate to speak truth to what they know, they can physically see. And begin the steps of accountability, forgiveness and then healing."
Biden will officially be sworn in as the new President on Wednesday. ,Original Article


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