Snoop Dogg: ‘Eminem diss is family business’


3 d Newsdesk Snoop Dogg is refusing to speak ill of Eminem in public following the Stan star's recent diss song, insisting it's "family business".
The old friends hit headlines last month when Eminem dropped his reissued album, Music to Be Murdered By, and included new track Zeus, which called out Snoop for apparently disrespecting him.
The lines in question read: "As far as squashin' beef, I'm used to people knockin' me/But, just not in my camp/I'm diplomatic 'cause I'm tryna be/Last thing I need is Snoop doggin' me/Man, dog, you was like a d**n god to me/Man, not really/I had 'dog' backwards."
Eminem didn't explain the reason behind the lyrical jab, but many suspected it was related to his omission from Snoop's top 10 list of best rappers of all time, with the Gin and Juice hitmaker suggesting Eminem owed his success to his affiliation with mutual friend and collaborator Dr Dre.
Snoop recently brushed off the apparent fall out, claiming they're "good", and in an appearance on America's Watch What Happens Live talk show, he made it clear he still respects Eminem, indicating they will hash out any differences privately.
"We're still friends," the rap veteran insisted, adding: "I think that's family business and I don't wanna make it more than it is. He said what he said, I respect that, and we just gon' keep it right there (sic)." ,Original Article


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