AJ McLean determined to keep ‘pressing forward’ in sobriety battle


3 d Newsdesk Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean is determined to soldier on in his sobriety journey for the sake of his family, despite recognising his weakness as a "chronic relapser".
The pop star, who has been open about his substance abuse battle in the past, celebrated one year sober in December and admitted it's always been a struggle for him to stay on the right path.
"I can do short bursts (of sobriety) and I'm OK," McClean told the Recovering from Reality podcast.
"Because even when I would relapse, I wouldn't go on a bender," he went on.
"I am a chronic relapser, but I've never gone for like a month straight of just drinking and partying. It's been like one night and then I'm sober for a week or two. And then it's one night. It was always back and forth," McClean explained.
The singer revealed his addiction to alcohol would take hold of him while on the road with the I Want It That Way hitmakers, but it wouldn't affect his onstage performances, because he would always "black out, fall asleep and wake up as if nothing ever happened".
Citing personal insecurities for his drinking troubles earlier on in life, he declared he is now "finally comfortable" in his own skin, knowing the only people he needs to please are his wife Rochelle, and their two daughters, Ava, eight, and three-year-old Lyric.
"I am at a place now where I don't give a s**t what you think about me," he shared, adding: "I am the person I am for all the reasons and all the life lessons that I've learned and will continue to learn." ,Original Article


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