Dua Lipa defends strip club visit


3 d Newsdesk Dua Lipa has spoken out about her controversial trip to a strip club last year, insisting she doesn't feel guilty for "supporting women in all fields of work".
The New Rules star was seen attending an afterparty following the Grammy awards in January 2020 alongside Lil Nas X, Rosalia and Lizzo, who hosted the bash.
After Lizzo shared footage from the event on her Instagram Stories, showing Dua throwing money at dancers working inside the club, the hashtag #DuaLipaIsOverParty began trending on Twitter, and led to the Physical star being labelled "anti-feminist".
However, addressing the backlash for the first time during her cover interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Dua said: "I just feel like, if you’re a feminist, you have to also support women in all fields of work.
"We have to support sex workers, we have to believe that that (work) is their choice and their right. It seems quite hypocritical, I think, people picking and choosing as to how they want to support women and when it suits them. That’s another form of misogyny, which really derives from the male gaze." ,Original Article


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