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Paris Hilton's life story is to feature on hit podcast series Even The Rich.

The star, who has found success as a singer, model, actress, DJ, and influencer, has acquired two new fans in the audio show's co-hosts Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams, who believe she has never received the credit she is due.

The first episode chronicles Hilton's career before her TV series with pal Nicole Richie, The Simple Life, which ran from 2003 to 2007, really set her on the road to fame.

Talking about Paris when she was younger, Brooke and Aricia share: "She seems like a ditzy wild child. At least that's the way the media portrays her. She's always on Page Six (New York Post gossip column) for something or other, like the time she danced on a nightclub table and flashed her thong to the paparazzi. Or the time her and Nicole Richie showed up to a club in matching denim suits and nothing else underneath.

"But what does Paris care if she's sometimes the butt of people's jokes. She pretty much has it all."

And even though the star of the show is not personally involved with the project, the hosts are confident she will approve.

"I believe Paris and the Hilton family will love it," Skidmore-Williams shares. "We worked so hard to honour the people behind the Hilton name and this arc tells their story with humour and poignancy, while sticking to the facts."

Siffrinn adds: "They'll see that we really do Paris justice as the 'OG (original) Influencer'. We spent hours and hours watching, reading and understanding Paris and the history of the Hiltons."

Even The Rich: Paris Hilton is available now on podcast platform Wondery.

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