Lauren Jauregui tackles sexist relationship coach


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Singer and fervent feminist Lauren Jauregui has taken on a Twitter troll after he suggested women who like sex are "dirty prostitutes" who will struggle to land a husband.

YogiOabs, a self-proclaimed relationship coach, wrote a lengthy, derogatory tweet about women, suggesting men enjoy chasing the objects of their affection.

"Call a whore for what she is. A WHORE," he snarled.

"Men will sleep with these dirty prostitutes but not marry them. Don't walk in their footsteps if you want a kind husband one day! The chase woman is more lovable. If you're offended by this, YOU'RE A WHORE," he raged.

Former Fifth Element star Lauren spotted the tweet, quoted it, and then called out the writer for his comments, writing: "Omg I'm a whore…?! Lmao (laughing my a** off) y'all be mad pathetic and can’t even make a woman c*m. Let us orgasm and enjoy sex in peace yogi."

She added: "PS SW (sex work) is valid work since the beginning of time. When y’all men stop paying for sex you can come for the folks that profit off your nasty a**es (sic)."

Lauren then further slammed YogiOabs, remarking: "Via the logic of this ignorant lil sexist a** tweet: If women become dirty after sleeping with these men… who’s really dirty to begin with?"

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