Chynna Phillips: ‘I was sure clean Billy Baldwin was too much of a good guy for me’


3 d Newsdesk Chynna Phillips was convinced Billy Baldwin was the wrong guy for her – because he wasn't an alcoholic.
The singer had dated a string of losers and bad boys before falling in love with the Backdraft star after a chance meeting at an airport in 1991, but she wasn't sure he was her Mr Right, because he was such a clean-living guy.
"My therapist said: 'Chynna, this is a good man who loves you so much,'" the Wilson Phillips star told the New York Post.
"But I started to panic. I said, 'He's not complex enough for me. He's not a rebel. He's not an alcoholic. I need to be with an alcoholic'," she explained.
But Phillips took her therapist's advice and stuck with Billy, eventually marrying the actor in 1995 and even giving up her acting and singing career to be a more devoted wife and mum.
"It's kind of impossible to be a mom and have a career, or at least it's pretty difficult," she added, mulling: "I knew I didn't have the constitution for it."
The couple now has one of the most envied marriages in show business, but it hasn't always been all love – Chynna filed for divorce in 2010 and had to be convinced to stay with her husband by sister Bijou Phillips, she told the Post. ,Original Article


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