Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy is ‘writing better’ since becoming a dad


2 d Newsdesk The Wombats frontman and his wife Akemi Topel welcomed daughter Dylan into the world last year and the 36-year-old singer has hailed the tot as a “huge inspiration” for his songwriting.
Asked how being a dad has changed his approach to music, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I’ve removed a huge amount of pressure from myself and therefore I am writing better. The whole thing has been amazing. She has been a huge inspiration and she’s a total legend to be honest.”
Murph and his family live in Los Angeles but he’s keen to return to the UK at some point to show Dylan his childhood haunts in Liverpool, though he doesn’t think they’d ever move back permanently.
He said: “I haven’t been back to Liverpool in a long time. I definitely want to get back more often and show Dylan around London and Liverpool and my old stomping ground in the UK. So that is going to be important to me at some point.
“I do miss it. I can’t see myself moving back but I miss the place and the people a lot.”
Murph released his side project Love Fame Tragedy's debut album, 'Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave', in June, but he didn't ask his Wombats bandmates Tord Overland Knudsen and Dan Haggis to give him their feedback on the songs, though they have loved what he's done so far.
Asked if he sends them his music for seal of approval, he said: "No, not really. They've sent the odd encouraging text and stuff, but I am not really worried about anyone's opinions really, I just get on with it." ,Original Article


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