Geri Horner celebrates the power of sisterhood as she walks with elephants


2 d Newsdesk Geri Horner (née Halliwell) kicks off the New Year with a celebration to sisterhood. In this week’s feel-good episode of her YouTube series Rainbow Woman, she walks with elephants in Woburn Safari in Bedfordshire, England. Watch Episode 9 – 'Sisterhood' below.

While getting acquainted with this beautiful herd of female elephants, Geri shares the simple and grounding lessons nature has taught her.
“When I was in the Spice Girls when I was younger, we’d enter a room together. You feel a little bit more confident when you’re in a pack. It’s that female pack mentality,” she said.
“I need that sort of female support, that understanding, that connection that I can only ever get from them. I think as women, we understand that. We appreciate it.”
“I’ve always loved being around other females. The connection I have with other females, all together, I always feel uplifted and connected. It’s a very different language. We can look after each other. You can have each other’s backs. There’s a lot of unity from that. And these elephants, they teach us that.” she adds.
To accompany Episode 9, Geri will also share a behind the scenes lyric video on Tuesday 5 January, soundtracked by her new, original song ‘Hallelujah’. ,Original Article


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