Beyonce giving 2020 the middle finger with necklace gifts


4 d Newsdesk Beyonce is helping her loved ones bid farewell to 2020 with a funny diamond necklace.
The Formation hitmaker's cousin, Angie Beyince, showed off her surprise gift on Instagram on Monday. The necklace has a pendant which features the numbers '2020' picked out in diamonds, placed close together with the first zero stretched lengthways, making it look like a fist with the middle finger sticking up.
"@beyonce gifted all of her girls with this amazing custom 2020 necklace," Angie explained in the accompanying caption.
"It's a hand with middle finger and the year 2020 combined into one," she went on.
"When I opened it my eyes teared up because it is both Hilarious & Deeply Sentimental," Angie remarked, adding:
"2020 has had ups and downs but over all its been a really weird and tuff year (sic). Hopefully 2021 is good to the world."
"That necklace is the truth," actress Octavia Spencer commented.
Beyonce's mum, Tina Knowles-Lawson, also shared a selfie of her new gold and diamond accessory.
"Note my Christmas present (my necklace) from Beyonce f__k 2020 two (sic) many losses !!!" she wrote, reflecting: "But it is almost over and we are still here !!! Give God Some (love)." ,Original Article


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