Chvrches singer says making music amid pandemic was ‘helpful’


3 d Newsdesk Lauren Mayberry has welcomed being removed from the "b******* of the music industry" amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The 33-year-old singer has been working on new material during the health crisis, and though the theme of her work hasn't changed because of the pandemic, it's helped her to ignore outside influences.
The Chvrches star shared: "We had a lot of the ideas and the concepts before this year started and got a few weeks of writing in before everything shut down, so we kind of knew what we were getting on with.
"The theme of it didn’t necessarily change, but it evolved because of the circumstances of 2020. I think it was also helpful for us to be removed from the b******* of the music industry. Everybody says that you don’t think about that stuff when you’re making a record, but in practice you totally do. You might shut the door, but it’ll sneak in the window.
"Everyone always has advice and opinions about what you should do; everyone else knows best. But it was nice to go: ‘F*** it!’"
Despite this, Lauren admitted that making music amid the pandemic created its own challenges.
She told the Guardian newspaper: "You have to fix your communication to such an intense degree, because you don’t get the things that you would normally be able to from somebody just being in a room.
"You have to be communicating at the highest level of efficiency and openness. That was long overdue. There was eight years of band baggage that needed to be unpacked and fixed, and so it was really beneficial for us to have that time apart.
"As a result, I think this is the most excited that anybody in the band has been about an album since the first record. With the first album there were no expectations on it." ,Original Article


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