Amber Riley’s alter-ego Riley shows her ‘spicier, sexier side’


3 d Newsdesk The 'Glee' star adopted the new persona for her six-track EP 'RILEY', which she released in October, and she says this side of her was always there but the EP allowed her to share it.
She told Variety: "I think that was always there. It's a side that my family and those that are really close to me know; there's the spicier, the sexier side, it's the more open side. And so as Jay-Z said, 'Allow me to reintroduce myself…
My name is Riley.' That's what it was for the public now. Being so sure and private about yourself, lets you live your life out loud. This EP was such a diary for me and it kind of chronicled lived my life a little bit and where I was in the in the past couple of years."
Amber, 34, also revealed the music collection was a chance for her to share her "vulnerable" side.
She said: "I finally got to a point where I felt like I could be vulnerable and open, and write, and really tell my story. Riley was a reintroduction to everyone that's been supporting me for so many years. I didn't want to disappoint, you know, and I wanted to connect with everyone through music.
"An album is coming; I don't know what this album is gonna sound like at this point, but it'll be R&B music and being honest about where it is that I am in life. I'm so happy right now, but I also want to tap into what the temperature of the world and this generation is too."Original Article


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