Bad Bunny promises the best shows ‘in history’ when finally allowed on stage


5 d Newsdesk Bad Bunny has promised the best shows "in history" when he is allowed to play in front of audiences.
The 26-year-old rapper has assured his fans that they will be in for a treat when he is able to tour again once the coronavirus crisis comes to an end.
Asked what his future shows will be like, Bad Bunny said: "The best in the world, the best in history – I swear that's how I feel and what I want.
"Just before the pandemic and lockdown, we were getting all the details and experiences down for the next tour, and it had been incredible to see everything coming together.
"Now, with all that's happened, the feeling is different. When we do finally get onstage, it's going to be a totally new energy. It's going to feel really special, I think, taking everything we had already planned and adding what we're thinking about now."
The Puerto Rican star – whose real name is Benito Ocasio – was recently named Spotify's most-streamed artist of the year but is not letting the achievements go to his head.
He told Rolling Stone: "The truth is, I enjoy (making music): it's what I like the most. If there's recognition with that, it's extra. I'm satisfied just with getting to do what I do and having people around me who listen and support my ideas. But obviously, it feels great and makes me proud."
Bad Bunny admits that he needs to come up with some other hobbies in 2021 as he devotes so much time to making music.
He explained: "I spend so much time creating, and I have more plans to keep working. Outside of music, I don't know. I need to come up with new hobbies. I don't have a hobby that isn't music – it's my work, my play, my way of relaxing. I need to sit down and find some other stuff to do." ,Original Article


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