Will Young battling Covid


5 d Newsdesk Singer Will Young is the latest star to reveal he's battling Covid-19.
The medical diagnosis comes four months after his twin brother Rupert took his own life.
The 2002 Pop Idol winner took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to alert fans to his heath issues, which comes in the lead up to Christmas Day.
"COVID strikes!" he explained. "Almost got away with it."
The Leave Right Now hitmaker also posted a selfie of himself looking ill.
The news comes as Will is planning for his first Christmas without Rupert, who committed suicide by jumping from London's Westminster Bridge over the summer.
During an inquest into the death, Will revealed his troubled twin had previously threatened and attempted suicide numerous times after battling with his mental health.
“Rupert struggled with depression and anxiety, I would say for 20 years,” Will told the coroner’s court, reported The Times. “Over that time, more times than I can think of, there have been suicide attempts or suicide ideation. Most of the time … it would be a cry for help. There were few times actually that he had gone full, full, full through with it.”
Will also revealed he'd been a carer for Rupert, but it had become "too much".
"He could not look after himself and I did not believe he could look after his own life," he said.Original Article


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