Kesha thanks those ‘supporting survivors’ in new post


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Kesha has shared a heartfelt message of gratitude to those "supporting survivors and telling their stories".

The Tik Tok singer, 33, has been engaged in a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke – real name Lukasz Gottwald – since 2014, when she accused him of infliction of emotional distress, gender-based hate crimes and discrimination.

She also alleged the producer was “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally” abusive towards her.

In her latest post, the star appears fresh-faced as she stares directly into the camera, alongside a caption that reads: "Thanks to everyone who is supporting survivors and telling their stories. They see you and appreciate it more than you could ever know."

While she offered no explanation as to what prompted her post, it comes after Luke was nominated this year for another Grammy for his work on Doja Cat's Say So, under his pseudonym Tyson Trax, resulting in widespread outrage directed at the Recording Academy.

Among those who spoke out about the nomination was fellow musician and rape survivor Fiona Apple, who told The Guardian: "Really, Dr Luke is nominated? They had (Kesha) up there singing Praying, and now they're gonna go: 'Oh, but it's Tyson Trax!'"

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